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The Driving For Better Business initiative is one which is very close to our hearts at Wilson & Scott. Our job is to maximise road safety, after all. DFBB helps business reduce work-related road risks, lower associated costs, and ensure compliance with current legislation and guidance.

We have expanded since August 2018 and are now the 2nd largest contractor in road markings in the UK. Our common jobs involve repainting lines around motorways and main roads across the country, including specific application of high friction surfacing, a key to road safety. And so, the government scheme to help employers reduce road risks, improve compliance with road-related legislation, and decrease driving costs is something that we are fully behind.

We were serious about achieving compliance with the Driving For Better Business (DFBB) programme, and aimed to get up to 'Champion' level, rather than settle for the base level of 'Compliance'. We are delighted to announce that we have achieved Champion status, and here is how we did it...

'Driving For Work' Activities

We were able to demonstrate that the safety measures we take with our fleet are among the tightest in the country. We detailed our rolling programme of fleet renewals that ensures vehicles have the latest specs, and the work-related road safety policies included in our Integrated Management System that serves to manage work safety across the company.

Another important element of our application was to notify the assessors that all our vehicles are maintained to Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency standards, and that all our drivers undergo periodical alcohol and drug testing. We also operate driving assessments and first aid training, and an annual health surveillance assessment.

A Word From The Top

Above are just a few of the factors which were crucial in our achievement of DFBB 'Champion' status. Now here are some words in support of the application from two of our senior management team; Cameron Simms, Managing Director and Richard Mills, Policies, Standards and Compliance Manager.

Cameron said: “I believe wholeheartedly and passionately that our employees, stakeholders and anyone else with whom we interact are protected from harm. This is of vital importance in respect of our Work-Related Road Safety and I am pleased to be able to give my personal commitment to lead Wilson & Scott in this regard. I have therefore taken a hands-on approach in the development and implementation of our dedicated road safety policies in order to evidence my commitment."

Richard said: “As Policies, Standards and Compliance Manager I acknowledge that Work-Related Road Safety is a vital element in our work to prevent harm to our employees and to other road users, especially vulnerable persons. Working with company colleagues in fleet and logistics, Health & Safety, training and human resources, we have developed and implemented effective programmes for improvements in road safety.”

If your company uses the roads as part of its day to day duties, we wholeheartedly recommend the DFBB scheme as a way to demonstrate your care towards your own employees, and other road users.

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