How Anti-Skid Road Surfacing Makes Roads Safer

Skid resistance is one of the most important surface characteristics since it directly affects drivers’ and pedestrian’s safety. As travel speeds increase, the skid resistance of the wet road surface decreases, leading to more accidents.

High Friction Surfacing - or “anti-skid” - can improve the skid resistance of wet roads substantially, which can decrease the number of RTIs (Road Traffic Injuries). In 2015, the number of RTIs went up by 26 % when the roads were wet.

Factors Determining The Skid Resistance Of The Surface

What makes one road more skid resistant than another?

1. Surface Type

Different road surface types have different anti-skid properties. For example, mastic asphalt has worse skid-resistance than open texture premix asphalt. The secret is in the road safety surfacing texture:

  • Macro-texture refers to big irregularities on the surface, which can impact friction. The macrotexture is determined by the type of aggregates used in the paint mix. The coarser the macrotexture, the safer the road is in wet conditions.
  • Micro-texture defines the degree of skid resistance. Its longevity depends on the aggregate’s resistance to polishing – i.e. how quickly a surface is worn down by passing vehicles. This resistance depends on the PAFV (Polished Aggregate Friction Value) of the substrate.

2. Tyre Types

Different types of tyres can have different friction properties. Older tyres with worn treads generate less surface friction and are less safe to use in wet and icy weather – even if they still meet legal minimums. Weather conditions affect the skid resistance of the roads dramatically. The more water, the less friction.

3. Anti-Skid Surface Treatment

The most reliable way to improve the skid resistance of the surface is to use High Friction Surfacing.

  • Thermosetting resin offers high skid resistance for numerous surfaces including asphalt and concrete.
  • Cold applied BBA Hapas is a durable anti-skid material for heavy traffic areas.
  • Hot applied BBA Hapas offers superior anti-skid properties for heavy traffic.
  • BBA Hapas Type 1 MMA – high friction coloured surfacing, which comes in different colours, can reach an erosion index of zero, which is the highest wear resistance rating.

Poor pavement structure, water, and bad tyre quality all increase the chance of an accident – especially when the three are combined. That’s when anti-skid road surfacing comes in.

Improve The Safety Of Your Roads

Proper road treatment can improve the safety of the surface all year round. It’s especially important to provide High Friction Surfacing on UK roads and car parks, which suffer from precipitation for more than a third of the year. At Wilson & Scott, we provide the highest quality road safety surfacing to improve the skid-resistance of all types of road surface. Don’t hesitate to call us for a consultation and get the best quote today.

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