Is Your Car Park Ready For The Hybrid & Electric Car Revolution?

Fully electric and hybrid vehicles are big news at the moment, and we can expect to see adoption become even more widespread in 2018. Until recently, electric vehicles were either slow and cumbersome, impractically small, or else super expensive – such as the prestige Tesla range. This is all changing fast, with electric and hybrid vehicles matching their petrol/diesel cousins for performance and becoming more affordable with every passing day.

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What are the implications of this for workplaces, shops, hospitals and public car parks? We have all started to see electric charging points spring up at motorway service stations. Now, businesses and other organisations are starting to install their own charging points in ever greater numbers, to cater for customers and employees who own electric cars.

We were excited to be commissioned recently to create car park and charging point markings for a business that operates a small fleet of electric vehicles. Please see the image below.

car rev.jpgFigure 1: Office car parking bays and charging points for hybrid/electric vehicles, plus pedestrian walkway.

The car parking spaces had to be clearly demarcated to prevent people with non-electric vehicles parking in them inadvertently; hence the choice of bright colour scheme. Placement was important, as the parking spaces had to adjoin the office building and charge points, while still leaving room for priority/disabled parking and safe customer walkways from the car park to the office. Enough space also had to be factored in to accommodate staff and visitors with non-electric vehicles.

As you can see in the image, we have chosen a separate colour for the walkway, with each parking bay and boundary marked out in yellow, so the boundaries will be clearly visible even in foul weather.

As demand for hybrid and electric vehicles grows, car parking facilities will need to keep up pace; providing convenient, safe and clearly marked areas for vehicle owners to park and charge their cars.

Bespoke Line Marking Solutions For Charging Bays

If you have already experienced customer requests for electric/hybrid car parking and charging facilities, or feel this is something you may need in the coming year, please get in touch. We offer a bespoke line marking surface for all roadways and car parks, incorporating charging points, walkways, priority car parking and any other requirement. Telephone 01753 671 600 for more information.

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