Wilson & Scott Sponsor Metro Blind Sport For 2019

Image Source: www.metroblindsport.org

Summer is on the way and with summer comes sport! This year, Wilson & Scott are proud to be sponsoring the 43rd Metro Athletics Open for Metro Blind Sport.

We love to donate to a good cause and this year we again chose to support London’s leading charity that brings sporting opportunities to those who are vision-impaired.

The competition welcomes anyone who is registered partially sighted or blind and is an annual event that celebrates strength and unity. On the day, competitors will take part in numerous sporting events from long jump, javelin, shot-put, and a series of races ranging from 60m to 5000m!

Pick up of a copy of Metro Blind Sport’s Athletics Open souvenir programme to see Wilson & Scott’s sponsorship!

If you’re thinking about designing a new tennis court, racetrack or playground zones, we provide temporary and permanent markings. You could also check out the Couch 2 5k course we painted in Bicester to help everyone get fit for the summer!

At Wilson and Scott, we are passionate about sport and are always happy to encourage health and fitness, whether it be through new playground markings, refreshing a football pitch, or laying down the temporary road markings for the London Marathon!

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