We Are Hiring!

Due to our continuous growth and expanding business prospects, we have created some exciting...

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Wilson & Scott Paint the Oxford Pride Parade 2019

When one of the UK’s largest line marking companies was asked to “paint the rainbow” for Oxford...

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How Anti-Skid Road Surfacing Makes Roads Safer

Skid resistance is one of the most important surface characteristics since it directly affects...

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4 Anti-Skid Road Surfacing Winter Maintenance Tips

In the wintertime, anti-skid road markings are put to the test. It’s the time of the year when...

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When To Use Anti-Skid Road Markings

The performance of road markings depends mostly on the properties of its materials. What may...

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How To Tell Your Road Markings Need A Refresh!

High-quality road markings wear down slowly, so it can be hard to tell that they need to be...

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Choosing The Best Road Markings Contractor For You

Road markings are essential, especially when you are driving through a dark, foggy, and slippery...

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Road Line Marking – Avoid These 5 Safety Issues

 With over 30 million vehicles traveling on the roads of the UK every day, the importance of...

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How To Choose A Good Road Line Marking Contractor

If you don’t like the road you are walking, start paving another one,” – Dolly Parton

Road line...

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